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Scofieldtown Park + Yard

Stamford, Connecticut

The creation of an “End Use Design Plan” for Scofieldtown Park + Yard revitalizes a former park and contaminated landfill site, mandated to be capped by the EPA, and provides The City of Stamford with:

  • A Public Park to accommodate recreational needs of all ages in the community, to be installed in phases.

  • A Public Works Facility renovation to include a recycling center, salt storage barn, and a storage area for fall leaf collection and storm debris.

Working with the City of Stamford, an intensive public engagement process to gather ideas and feedback was created by Aris Land Studio using multiple, integrated communication strategies of public meetings, Facebook, On-line surveys, email responses and a dedicated project website. Debra De Vries-Dalton served as the landscape designer for this project from proposal through completing the “End Use Design Plan” providing plans, graphics, public support, and creation of the project website during her time at Aris Land Studio.  Park design by Aris Stalis.

The holistic strategy resulted in a final “End Use Design Plan” that was embraced and implemented with broad public support. 

  • Strong engagement by public to all forms of outreach, including a project dedicated website.  On-line survey responses numbered over 600 people.

  • Phase 1 included plantings, tennis courts, gateway entrance with buffers from the Public Works Facility and its reconstructed salt barn.

  • Creation of a thriving natural meadow habitat over the capped area was a priority guiding plant and seed mix selection.

  • A perimeter walkway for the public doubles as access around the capped landfill required by Public Works operations.

  • Significant cultural opportunities were capitalized upon to link the site and community to trail systems, schools, senior living facilities, and the Scofield Magnet Middle School.

  • Consulting firms included PRE/view Landscape Architects, Tighe & Bond for engineering and TRC Environmental Corporation.

  • Site Remediation and Public Park Renovation

  • Intensive Public Engagement

  • Active and Passive Recreation

  • Public Works Facility renovation

  • Awarded 2019 Site Award of Honor by Connecticut Chapter of Green Building Council

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