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Nature Conservancy Pollinator Park

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Nature Conservancy in Connecticut, in partnership with Groundwork Bridgeport (GWB) selected Aris Land Studio, to work with GWB high school students in selecting a final design and transforming it into professional design documents from student’s initial concept designs on an open grassed site owned by Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport.  The park design was facilitated by Aris Stalis, with graphics created by Debra De Vries-Dalton.


Local parks provide health benefits for their communities when residents are able to walk through natural areas, as the park design features.  The park’s two entrances and seating areas are connected via a major and a minor walking path which intertwine around three gently sloping hexagonal shaped perennial garden beds, complemented by surrounding deciduous trees, shrubs and screening evergreens.  The hexagon shape represents the honeycomb produced by bees.  The honeycomb theme is incorporated throughout the park with hexagonal pavers comprising the two paths, two hexagonal seating areas and hexagonal shaped garden beds to signify the pollinator friendly designed aspect of the garden to the public.  

  • Participatory Educational Student Design Sessions

  • Creation of Urban Park with natural space and passive activity 

  • Development of Leadership in Environmental Stewardship

  • Promoting Community Health and Wellness

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