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Wildflower Preserve

Fairfield, Connecticut

WildFlower Preserve Master  Plan 2020040

Wildflower Preserve

Wildflower Preserve will become a native plant demonstration garden in fall 2020 to promote native plants and to encourage homeowners to plant them  for their beauty and biodiversity.  A variety of native plant species will include spring ephemerals, woodland plants, wetland plants and meadow plants.  The front border will show examples of native evergreen ground covers and edible species of cranberry and blueberry plants.

Wildflower Preserve is part of Aspetuck Land Trust's Green Corridor Initiative.  Aspetuck Land Trust is creating a 40,000-acre Green Corridor that will extend through Fairfield, Westport, Weston, Easton, Wilton and Redding with the help of homeowners planting portions of their property with native plants to reconnect fragmented wildlife habitats and improve the regional ecological health for  people and wildlife. Debra De Vries-Dalton is working for Aris Land Studio in designing Wildflower Preserve for Aspetuck Land Trust.



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